Trip to Baguio - The City of Pines (Day 2)[★]

June 02, 2013

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To the Beach
Our second day was planned to be spent in a beach in La Union. But before we headed on to the shores, we went to a nearby church (because it was a Sunday). Then we bought some mangoes among the locals to bring to the beach trip.

It was almost a 2-hour drive to the beach. Good thing the weather was perfect. The sky was blue with the sunshine blazing among the scattered white clouds.

Aside from the seashore, there was an infinity pool in the resort. We first went down to the beach to enjoy the waves and then swam in the pool afterwards.

It just came to me that I haven't been on the beach for the longest time! I was happy because I was able to successfully do "floating" on water and learn the basics of breast stroke swimming. :D

Rainclouds, Rainbows and the Sunset
I was not able to take much picture throughout the day because we were busy swimming, so I just took the chance to snap some photos of the scenery after our dip into the waters.

We noticed this huge cloud across the shore, then realized it was a raincloud because of the curtain-like showers beneath it. It's actually raining in the area below that cloud. Amazing!

Of course, jumpshots will always be a fun photo to take. We shared several great laughs while taking these series of photos.

Since I was feeling happy and emo at the same time because this was our first (EVER) out-of-town trip and that we are all now officially in different companies (we used to go to the same office), I just wrote our names on the sand and took a picture of it. :)

It was already sunset on our travel back to Baguio and coincidentally, this was the perfect time to view the sun slowly setting into the horizon of the sea. The scene was so majestic I wanted to cry. x'D I swear, this is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset that I have ever seen in my life. Adding up to the dramatic effect of the sun slowly sinking into the sea horizon are the clouds beyond the stretch of the sky, with the backdrop of the trees of the mountains gleaming with the soft red orange light of the sun. The scenery is imprinted in my mind and I am forever thankful that I was able to witness this. I would never be able to see this kind of sunset in Manila.

Little did we know that we were in for an extra treat, because a few minutes later we saw a double rainbow

edge of the double rainbow

It was my first time to see an actual one that's why I got so thrilled! We even stopped the car beside the road to take better shots of this rainbow. To our delight, we were able to see the whole arc of the rainbow from our view.

The lens of my camera could not capture the whole view so I just retreated to taking pictures of each part of the rainbow arc. Stitching them together in one photo, below is more or less how the rainbow looked like in its entirety. :D

We told Kirt about the rainbow and how we were so excited to see it. He just said (in an almost NR face) that double rainbows are very common in Baguio. Oh. Okay. n_nv

Twilight lasted for several minutes, longer than what I usually experience (I think) because we were in a higher altitude today. There were still sunrays visible when we arrived at the house.

Grocery and Homemade Dinner
Upon arriving at the house, we arranged our things then went out again to buy some items because we were going to cook dinner at home.

We went to SM Baguio to get the grocery items. I got very amused in the vegetables and meat section because the fruits and vegetables were way cheaper than what we were used to in Manila. I saw several vegetables that was unfamiliar to me. Everything in the market looked freshly harvested.

We rode a taxi home (the taxi drivers in Baguio are SO kind and hospitable) and started to prepare the dinner as soon as we placed the grocery items on the kitchen table. Dani volunteered to cook pork sinigang which is her specialty. 

Though the dish was overloaded with vegetables (we were not able to proportionize the ingredients xD), the sinigang turned out well. Dani said the sinigang tasted different from her usual cooking. I guess it was because of the ingredients that was used with this one. Anyway, it was delicious. :)p

Soju and Korean Dramas
After getting full with our dinner, it was soju time! We bought three bottles of chamisul soju at the grocery to be consumed tonight while watching Korean dramas. All of us in the barkada are fans of kpop and kdrama.

Kirt provided us the kdrama DVDs from his collection and joined us in the drinking session. Some of us did not really like the taste of soju so we bought Sprite as chaser. As for me, I am actually comfortable drinking soju as it is. 

While watching Protect the Boss (which got really funny and laughable later on because of the wrongly translated subtitles), Kirt told us random things about the Korean culture. He said that it is respectful and proper to let others serve you your shot of soju. Never do it on your own (except only if you are drinking alone and you are depressed). Also, if someone serves you a shot and fills up the glass up to the rim, it is a subliminal way of him/her telling that he/she likes you.

Awkwardly, I was the one giving shots to everyone. I was not used to doing it but I enjoyed it anyway. I really wanted to test my alcohol tolerance. I don't know how many shots I drank but I think I was able to consume more than half a bottle of soju. My friends were getting too sleepy that we were able to consume two bottles only (with me finishing the last full glass shot). I was getting tipsy too so we retreated to sleep for the night. The next day, I woke up with a slight headache.

Again it was a fun and tiring day. :D


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