My "Glad to be Globe" Story

June 30, 2013

Ever since I had my first phone, I was always on Globe. Maybe this is because my father, brother, and sister are also on the same network which made communication within the family easier. For almost a decade now, I am using that same Globe number. 

When my phone got stolen, I lost some of my contacts whose numbers I saved on the phone memory. I was only able to keep a backup of my SIM card contacts. On the same day of that incident, I went to the nearest Globe center to submit an affidavit of loss for the sim card. On that same day too, I was able to get a new sim card with the same number as the one I lost! And you can do this for free! I am so glad they have this kind of service because I was worried that the thief might contact and fool people using my number. Good thing I was able to reclaim the number immediately. :D

Also, when I applied for an NBI clearance, I choose to do the online method which is a lot easier. I saw in the options that I can send the payment through GCASH. Good thing I already have an account! I went to the Globe center at a nearby mall to make a cash-in on my account, then transferred the amount to the GCASH account of NBI Online. I already filled out my details online, then printed out my QR form which is to be submitted on any NBI Clearance Outlet. I went early to Robinsons Galleria to claim my NBI clearance. There were not much people yet on the line of the online clearance. I was able to get my clearance in less than 30 minutes! The online application method is indeed a lot easier than the manual one. :D

applying for nbi clearance online

I found a lot of advantages on being a Globe subscriber (aside from the given fact that it has great signal anywhere). So yeah, I'm staying on this network.


As a side note, it's a good thing I made this post about connecting to 3G in Globe because it became the most visited post on my blog and it helped a lot boost my blog's page ranking. (*^▽^*)

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  1. nice entry, i also wrote mine :) . . . goodluck to all of us.

  2. Hello Kat! I also wrote a blog entry for the glad to be globe. So, happy to see your doing fine. God bless to all of us! - vanz of


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