CNBLUE Live In Manila - The Blue Moon World Tour [★]

June 16, 2013

[UPDATE: I'm totally revising this post from last night. The original post was more of random spazzing (because I was still fresh from the concert and still high with adrenaline xD). Here's a more formal and more detailed fan account of the very fun concert last night!]

Read here their presscon at SM Megamall a day before the concert.


The Awesome Stage

Upon entering the venue, the first thing noticeable was the superb stage. It's a wide stage with lots of lightings set up at the top of it (and we clearly saw shortly after what those were for -- lots of lights, confetti, and even fireworks!!). There was a big screen behind them and two LED screens on both sides. There's even a ramp way on both ends also of the stage.

At the start of the concert, they played trailers of each of the members. The video was blue-themed and literally they flashed a full moon on the screen. xD A few minutes later, a hole opened up on the stage, and there emerged the band members! The crowd went wild!

The "Blue Moon" trailer at the start of the concert

The Cool Band Members

The members were wearing casual clothes - tshirt, jeans, and chucks. I'm so glad they looked like a normal rock band - no hint of the kpop culture like those flashy matching costumes with heavy makeup and accessories. They all looked really masculine! Their hair (especially Yonghwa's and Jonghyun's) looked like it was freshly-blow dried which made them look fresh and breezy. There's no fancy hairstyles with gel or anything. They looked so cool when they head-banged and their hair waves back and forth too! (´∀`)♡

Minhyuk. My favorite member! He looked so handsome playing the drums. I could really see in his face that he was enjoying being on stage. I was looking at him the entire time of the concert (except during times when Yonghwa was dancing and moving a lot, which was eye-catching really)! He played the drums very well, with no hint of exhaustion. He just wipes his sweat briefly every end of a song during the latter half of the concert. I love it when he raises the drumstick and twirls it in his hand. (●♡∀♡) He was smiling so nicely to the crowd. I love how he tried to speak in Filipino and English, especially the one where he read out some lines from a piece of paper as a birthday greeting for Yonghwa. (´ ▽`).。o♡

Jongshin. He was the member that I observed the least among the four of them because he was at the far left side of the stage and I was at the far right (this reminds me of their funny left-right game, which I would talk about later on this post (*´艸`*) ). He sure looked really tall. He looked so cute wearing a cap.

Jonghyun. He's such a gentle cool guy, singing and playing with his guitar on stage. He also looked so handsome, especially on that black muscle shirt he wore during the encore. He's all smiles throughout the concert too. 

Yonghwa. This guy. Pure awesomeness. It's not enough that he looks so handsome, he's so talented too, and he knows it!!! The way he sang all the songs during the concert was 대박, and he coupled it up with sexy and cute moves (yes he successfully pulled off that mix of aura throughout the concert). He was oozing with charisma! (´ε` )♡ He danced a lot on stage (more like club-dancing anyway lol). I know that he's a good singer, but I never knew he sang that well. I fell deeper in love with his voice! Damn, the way he sang in the concert gave me the chills. He was sooo good! He even played the piano and did beat-boxing very well. (ノ_ _)ノ *worship* You've gained my highest respects Yonghwa. You really are born to be an artist. 

The Songs Performed
I usually take note of the songs that an artist performs on a concert so that I could include that on my blog post (like what I did for Lady Gaga and Maroon 5). However with this one, I was still not familiar with all of their songs and even if in case I did, I still don't know the title of the song. (ノ´д`)So instead of stressing myself in remembering the set list, I just enjoyed watching them and dancing to their songs. Honestly, several of the songs they performed were unfamiliar to me (as in it was my first time hearing them). Based on the CNBLUE songs that I have on my playlist, here are some of the tracks that they performed live:

I'm Sorry
Coffee Shop
라라라 (Lalala)
외톨이야 (I'm a Loner)
사랑 빛 (Love Light)
Y, Why
In My Head
One Time
Try Again Smile Again
Hey You
You've Fallen For Me
L-O-V-E Girl

The stage before the encore.

The whole crowd went wild on 외톨이야 (I'm a Loner)! We even stood up to dance to the song (for the first time during the concert). During You've Fallen For Me performance, Yonghwa made the mistake of saying Singapore instead of Philippines. He knew it was an embarrassing moment! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ He smiled widely with worried eyes (he glanced several times at Jongshin) and said sorry. He then sang the chorus part again of the song and modified the part 'You fell for me' to 'I love you Philippines'.  It worked - the crowd cheered for him. :D

Audience Interaction
I'm so happy they did a lot of this during the concert! At first, they spoke in English to us. They said this is their first concert in the Philippines and that they were happy to be here. Yonghwa kept on saying 'Are you ready?' and 'Make some noise!' on which the crowd responded enthusiastically. Soon after, they began talking in Filipino which made us even more delighted!! Minhyuk said 'Nagugutom ako' and told us he liked lechon. He also said he liked our jeepney because they moved fast like racing cars (lol very true!) Yonghwa shouted 'Mahal kita' several times. They had lots of English and Filipino speaking moments, though I had some difficulty catching their statements because of their foreign accent. xD Jongshin asked the crowd in Korean if we were having fun. We all answered 'Ne!' He asked again, "Can you understand Korean?" We shouted 'Ne!' again. He said "Daebak." x))

They also did lots of games with us, including the classic 'Say Hoo! Say Ho ho ho!'-ish routine wherein the audience repeated what they said. The most fun part was their left-right game. They were asking the people at certain parts of the crowd to raise their hands. Since they were facing us, the directions are interchanged so the crowd at the opposite side of what they expected raised their hands. Haha Jongshin looked so cute scolding the crowd because they did wrong and not followed his instructions. :))

Fan Projects

The blue ocean at CNBLUE's concert.

BoicePH and YongSeoPH (fanbase of the Yonghwa x Seohyun couple), among others, organized a lot of events for the boys. There were party hats that the audience wore in celebration of Yonghwa's and Minhyuk's birthday.

credits to owner

The fans also waived banners containing the words 'The 1248 days of loneliness has now come to an end' during the 외톨이야 (I'm a Loner) performance.

They even took the Donald Duck hat fangift. So sweet! (credits to the owner)

Upon reading some fan accounts of the concert, I discovered that the fan projects did not end there. Their biggest one was the Project England, wherein they gave a costumized mic stand to the boys! OMG.

(credits to the owner)

According to the fan account
Sure everyone noticed the weird mic stand Yong used yesterday at the concert. This mic stand has a story, I'll tell it to you because it's really interesting: The mic that Yonghwa was using on the stage was a gift from the Filipino Yongseo fans. But it's not any mic stand!! It's from REBEL MICS!!! Rebel Mics makes all the custom mic stands of popular performers such as Wiz Kalifa, Carly Rae, 1D, etc. The stand has a type of light bulb that makes it glow like a light saber!! The base of the mic was designed by a Yongseo fan too (credits: YSAF)

I am so amazed with the dedication of these fans. (ToT)

It was one great and memorable concert. I must say, the band sounded way way better live! I really enjoyed their perfomance. Cheers to my first ever kpop concert! :D

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  1. Thanks alot for sharing this with us .
    It gives me goosebumps kkk

    1. You are welcome! The show was really great, I still can't get over it. :D

  2. Wonderful fan account, brings me back to that wonderful concert. Congratulations on attending your first kpop concert. Once you've attended CNBLUE live, there's no turning back and you'll keep on wanting more. That's what happened to me! :)

    1. Thanks! I have come to really really love them after the concert. xD I think I would be following their activities religiously from now on. :D


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