Food Trips: Woori-gohyang - Korean Restaurant [☝]

June 02, 2013

A week before our planned Baguio trip, me and my friends visited a Korean restaurant in the North - Woori-gohyang (previously known as Woorijib). Xan (one of my friends) highly recommended this place so we decided to make a visit to this restaurant.

Actually, this is my second time to eat at this resto. Back then it was still 'Woorijib'. I really loved their yuk gae jang. It was the best one I've tasted so far.

Today, Woori-gohyang is located along Matalino St. in Quezon City.

Eating Buffet-Style
The side-dishes are served on a table just like in a buffet and it's self-service to get your own plate.

There were several side-dishes already at the table and they serve new ones as the hours passed by. I really don't know what each them are called, but I am 100% assuring you that each one of them is delicious!!

I think I ended up returning 3 times to the buffet table because all of the side dishes tasted so good!

Aside from the unlimited side dishes, our main course was the samgyupsal which you can have unlimited servings also, for a cost of P250.00/pax. Very affordable, right? 

Traditionally, the meat strips are cooked in a grill like below. 

Cooking the meat this way separates the oil that's why it's healthy to eat it.

This is the amount of oil that was able to be separated from the meat from the first batch of serving.

After cooking two or three more servings of samgyupsal, the oil reached half of the saucer. Wow.

We ordered soju to get more into the Korean way of eating. Though it was a little bit more expensive to buy it here and I suggest you buy instead in convenience stores.

Relaxing Traditional Korean Eating Place
The aura at Woori-gohyang is relaxing because of the decorations that show the traditional culture of Korea.

Their service is very good too, because the staff there are prompt in addressing our concerns. They have this "bell ringer" that you just need to press to call the attention of the staff.

I really enjoyed the place. The food was so good and very affordable. I was so full I couldn't get up from my seat. xD

 I promise to return again here, though it's too far from home (I live in the South). xD

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