Trip to Baguio - The City of Pines (Day 3)[★]

June 02, 2013

Read here our first and second day at Baguio. :)


Our third day was the day of departure and travelling back to Manila so the plan was to spend the first half of the day buying pasalubong items. 

The Morning View of Baguio
I was the first one to wake up. Since everyone was still asleep and I got nothing to do just yet, I decided to take a walk outside of the house.

I took a few pictures of the morning scenery and we could see that Baguio is really a mountain that was just builded upon by houses and houses upon its steep slopes. The roads here are really sharply inclined. It would be a nightmare to attempt to ride a bicycle along its streets.

When finally everyone was awake, we only had little time left so we decided to divide the group to buy items at two different locations. Xan and her mom were to go to the strawberry farm to buy some of the fruit while Dani, Ruby and me went to Good Shepherd to buy jams, cookies and other local delicacies.

At the Good Shepherd 

Our first stop was at Good Shepherd to buy the items that we wanted to bring home.

There were a lot of tourists buying in the store. Good thing the price of all the items are already displayed on a glass window. 

We were also already provided with pen and paper to list down the items that we wanted to buy. It was quick for us to purchase all the items that we needed.

A Last Quick Tour around Baguio
Since we had a few hours left before the the scheduled bus trip back to Manila, we roamed around and visited tourist spots nearby.

I also got to meet those Saint Bernand dogs (I don't have a copy of our photos with them. I'll update again this post in case I get one.) They were so huge and the owners told us that they are is still considered as puppies. :O Wow.

Upon returning to the house, we finally packed our things, did a quick lunch and rushed to the Victory Liner station for our return trip.

My share of strawberries!! Yay!

Those three days were packed with activities! However, we still did not able to visit most of the famous tourist spots like the Burnham Park (I was planning to learn how to bike. :( Yes I don't know how. :O). 

We are planning to return again, around December I guess in time for a meteor shower peak so that we could go do some stargazing.

It was A LOT of fun. I'm still having the Baguio hangover (even after a week). :D


By the way, the song below has become the soundtrack of my wonderful Baguio vacation. I want to return to this place soon. :)

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