CNBLUE Holds Presscon for 'Blue Moon World Tour' Concert Stop in Manila [★]

June 15, 2013

Korean rock band CNBLUE has arrived in Manila on June 13 for their concert that will be held on the next day at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. They held a short and brief presscon at SM Megamall Event Center wherein they were welcomed by hundreds of fans who went to the venue to see a glimpse of them.


I guess this is my first official fan account eh? I began to connect with CNBLUE after watching them in We Got Married (Yongseo episodes) and Heartstrings. That's why when I heard that they were coming here, I pushed to purchase a ticket to see them live in concert. :D

I really did not know where this Event Center was located inside the mall. A few seconds upon entering the building, I saw two girls and one of them was wearing a CNBLUE t-shirt. I knew then all I had to do was follow them. *Hehe* A few seconds later, voila -- a stage draped with the boys' faces greeted me from a distance.

The press conference of CNBLUE was scheduled 2-5PM. However, as early as 11AM (that's the time when I arrived) there was already a crowd on the LG, UG and 2nd Floor around the stage. I've heard that even before the mall opened (at 10AM) , there were already people lining up outside to go to the Event Center. 

At around 2PM, Miss Kring Elenzano went up on stage to begin hosting the event. She's always the host of recent KPOP events (like last year's KPOP Con 4, KPOP Music Festival held in SM Convention Center and CassPH's yearly gatherings). She looked pretty as always! :D

Lots of fun games were held, and the winners won a ticket to the blue moon concert!

Soon after, Jinri Park came up on stage, cueing that the appearance of the boys are near! Jinri served as the translator of the boys.

Then after a few minutes, the boys went up on stage!! Waaaah~

CNBLUE in the flesh!! OMG!

First of all, I must stay that I am very happy Yonghwa is not sporting a blonde hair anymore. He looks better with plain black hair. Jonghyun is sooo handsome in person! I was surprised! Everyone looked great!

From the moment they went on the stage, they were fan-servicing all the way!!

Jongshin playfully danced when their 'I'm Sorry' track began blasting from the speakers. * I was not able to get good shots of that T^T*

They seemed very suprised and overwhelmed by the warm welcome of the fans. Well we were screaming very very loud! We were so happy to see them finally! They kept looking up seeing the fans crowded on the upper ground and second floors of the mall.

They were asked by the press questions about being the first kpop star to make a world tour, and suddenly jongshin makes an aegyo!

Yonghwa even sang for the crowd!~

The press also asked them what Filipino delicacy they wanted to try here. The hosts suggested to them balot, seafood and adobo! *yum*

They were on stage for less than 30 minutes only. But it was worth seeing them! I think they were tired but thanks to the makeup, they managed to look fresh and handsome for all their fans here. They still needed to prepare for their concert (which will happen the next day) so I understand that they have to go immediately.

A big thanks to SM and the organizers for making this presscon possible! I'm so excited for the concert! Woooh!~


Read here for the highlights of CNBlue's concert in Manila.

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