Dunkin' Donuts at Myeongdong [★]

June 22, 2015

After attending the Easter Sunday mass at Myeongdong Cathedral, we grabbed some breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts at Myeongdong.

South Korea is really an advanced and innovative country, and these queuing-ordering-badge things prove that in some point. To keep the customers entertained, they have advertisements played on these devices!

my view at the counter while waiting for my order :)
Here it is!
We went up the second floor to find more seats. There were not much people up there thankfully.

While eating, we overheard Filipinos on the nearby table. They were there for work (while we were there to fangirl haha). They were talking about this car event in Kintex (yes, we were there!). We didn't talk much because we did not want to reveal that we were Filipinos too. xD

After finishing our meal, we went out to head to the subway. We are on our way to see the cherry blossoms at Yeouido! :D

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