Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ KBS Exhibition Hall [★]

June 27, 2015

After seeing the lovely cherry blossom flowers at Yeouido Park, my sister and I decided to explore further the area. We knew KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) was just within walking distance so we went there to visit. Who knows, maybe we would stumble upon Korean stars there (and yes we did! read on!)!

Here's the KBS building!

KBS is one of the major networks in South Korea. It hosts a lot of famous shows like Gag Concert, Immortal Songs, Superman Returns, A Style For You, and Music Bank. They have also shown a lot of famous dramas before like Winter Sonata, Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, and Love Rain.

Hi KBS mascot!

There were a few tourists around the building. We decided to look around to check what we could see there.

Radio Stations
Aside from TV shows, KBS has radio programs also.

KBS operates 106.1 Happy FM

I am more familiar with their other station, 89.1 Cool FM because Super Junior hosts a regular radio show there.

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We didn't know who was the dj on-air during our visit, though there are a few fans outside watching him.

(edit: I finally found out who he was, apparently it's 2AM's Changmin!)

According to the schedule, Super Junior's program is at 10PM. Meh, we won't be staying there that late.

Exhibit Hall
After taking a peek at the FM stations, we went inside the exhibit hall.

tip: Entrance to the KBS Exhibit Hall is free! Just enter the building and tell the receptionist that you will just be touring the exhibit hall.
The hall is like a museum and in there you will learn about the history of the network and how broadcasting has evolved throughout the years. There also some interactive displays there and we had fun exploring them. :D

reporting live at Music Bank! xD

There's a KPOP section at the exhibit too!

KPOP fandom craziness!

In this section, we were supposed to dub that little cartoon skit there. However we can't seem to make the microphone work. Dubbing looked fun though haha!

My sister and I also were able to become news broadcasters!

I really had fun in the exhibit! There were only a few of us there so it was not that awkward to act and play in front of the camera.

This impromptu visit to KBS was worth it! :D

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2 (mga) komento

  1. hi there! may i ask you whether we need to do reservation prior to the tour around the kbs station as I read from this particular blog that we need to sign up and make reservation first and as for the individual tour, it will be on saturday. is that true?

    1. Hi Tirtravel! Based on our experience, we didn't do any reservation. We just walked into the building and saw the sign that visitors were free to tour the building. Maybe that blog is referring to another tour done by KBS.


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