Seoul Trip 2015: Day 3 ~ You Are Here Cafe [★]

June 07, 2015

If you've been a KPOP fan for a while, then you might have heard of this quirky Canadian couple on Youtube that have creeped into the Korean scene because of their creativeness and wit. Started as English teachers, they migrated to Korea and went full time doing videos showing the culture of the country in different aspects. They are Simon and Martina of Eat Your Kimchi team! They also have a website which extends the topics that they discuss on their videos.

Eat Your Kimchi Youtube (top) and website (bottom)

Today they have evolved into a team (Hi Soozee! Hi Leigh! Hi Rose! Hi Spudgy and Meemers! They are the ones I see on videos at least) that already has a studio at Hongdae. Recently, the couple opened a cafe in Hongdae also that they have featured in their videos. And  because I am a big fan of them, I went to visit their cafe during my stay in Seoul!

You Are Here Cafe, that's what they named it, is just walking distance from Hongik station Exit 1 (for walking directions, you may refer to this video, featuring their very own Martina!)

The cafe has a very cozy ambience, and very cute interior and displays!

the menu at You Are Here Cafe!

We ordered light snacks (we already had breakfast) at the cafe. I can't remember anymore what my sister got, but I had a sweet potato latte, my first time ever to taste one! And it was good!

enjoying our time at the cafe!
One of the unique features that they have in You Are Here Cafe is their Speaker's Corner, wherein visitors can record a video of themselves, which can get uploaded in Youtube!

The topic question during our visit was about cultural dating. We recorded a two-minute video there. It was fun!

There's also a Korean learning classroom beside the cafe and we can hear them buzzing in the background.

Though it was just a quick visit, it was nice visiting the cafe. Hope next time I can see Spudgy or Memeers lounging around! (=TェT=)

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