Seoul Trip 2015: Day 4 ~ Myeongdong Cathedral [★]

June 22, 2015

The next day was a Sunday, and not just any Sunday, it was Easter Sunday. My sister got up early to catch the English mass at 9AM in Myeongdong Cathedral.

The cathedral is very near our hostel and can be reached by walking. There were a lot of people in the church that day. We were lucky we were still able to get some seats inside the church.

The priest was not Korean. He looked Caucasian and has an accent (I'm just not sure of which country). Honestly, I had trouble focusing on what the priest was saying because aside from the accent, he had a monotonous tone of speaking. Also, it didn't help that his mic volume was low too. (-_\)

There were a lot of people inside the church, but the line was organized when it came to the communion ceremony. I wish it was also like this in our country.

After the mass, we went outside and looked at the Easter eggs that were for sale in the area. There were very expensive ones (up to ₩7,000!). We chose the cheapest one as souvenir. Hehe.

The easter egg we bought (right) costs only around ₩2,000.

The Myeongdong Cathedral has been featured in some korean dramas like You Are Beautiful.

credits: SBS

Around the church area, there were beggars. It was my first time to see some in Seoul. There were also nuns asking donations.

It was a nice experience to attend a Catholic mass in Seoul, though in my opinion there's nothing much different with how we do things here in the country (except for the organized line I guess). I wished we had more time to explore the area, but we were headed to a lot of places here on our fourth (second to the last!) day in Seoul!

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