Seoul Trip 2015: Day 3 ~ My Love From Another Star Exhibit at Kintex [★]

June 14, 2015

The Korean drama My Love From Another Star (별에서 온 그대) was such a great hit across Asia and we all know why. With an all-star cast starring Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) and Jun Ji Hyun (전지현) and a very creative and interesting way of plot narration, it had the perfect recipe to capture the hearts of its audience.

We were lucky the My Love From Another Star exhibit got extended when it was moved from the Dongdaemun Design Plaza to KINTEX Exhibit Hall 2. This exhibit will run until August 31, 2015.

From Sangsu station in Hongdae, we traveled to Daehwa through the subway, which took around an hour of travel. Once we got off the station, there was still some 30-minute walking to do before reaching the exhibit hall. Good thing we really bought those comfy sneakers at Hongdae!

There's actually a shuttle bus specifically for visitors who would be seeing the Man From The Stars exhibit that travels from the Daehwa subway station exit to the tent where the exhibit is. There's a schedule for it and you have to reserve a day before. For more details, visit their site here.

There were a lot of people during our visit. It turned out there was also a huge car show event at Kintex! The number of people was very overwhelming, you'd think you've just arrived on a much awaited World Cup event.

We got lost for a bit. Apparently the exhibit was located at the far end of the exhibit hall, in an outside tent. After walking some more, we finally saw the entrance sign!

Surprisingly, not much people were there during our visit. I think the few ones that were there with us were all international fans. We were the only people who bought tickets at the booth, there was no line and all, I guess the hype about the drama in South Korea was long over.

The exhibit featured costumes and items that were used in the drama. Below is one of the first ones you will see upon entry to the exhibit. These are the actual clothes Do Min Joon wore when he first saw the young Cheon Song Yi during the ancient time when he saved her carriage from falling off the cliff.

Do Min Joon's Apartment
Of course, who would not recognize this sala area? It's none other than Do Min Joon's apartment! Lots of scenes in the drama was shot in this sala.

screenshot from the drama

The staff there were kind enough to take pictures of us on the drama set. Yay thank you to that eonnie. :D

That's the chair where Do Min Joon usually sits while reading a book!

There's also the set of Do Min Joon's bedroom. :D

Do Min Joon's Library
One of the main attractions in the exhibit is Do Min Joon's library. They say it's the most expensive among the sets of the drama.

Of course I took my chance and posed in this expensive and now very iconic library in the kdrama world. :D

This is the elevator where Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi first met.

It's not an actual working elevator in the exhibit though. xD

Me and my sister outside Cheon Song Yi's and Do Min Joon's apartment doors respectively.

Cheon Song Yi's Apartment
This Halyu superstar's apartment is filled with lots of huge portraits of herself, which is in line with the character's overly narcissistic behaviour in the drama.

Cheon Song Yi's shoes were also displayed in the exhibit.

Cheon Song Yi's room also had a large portrait of herself. Isn't that a bit creepy? Well I guess not, because she's so beautiful!

I love her apartment! It's so classy and sophisticated.

Aside from the shooting sets of the drama, there's also an SBS merchandise store in the exhibit.

You can avail CDs, DVDs and other stuff from SBS shows and drama there.

There was a chicken-and-beer restaurant inside the exhibit tent, which they have setup especially to attract Man from the Star fans because it's the same brand that Cheon Song Yi craves and eats in the drama. Very clever marketing eh? However during our visit, there were no more chicken available (why??? (」゜ロ゜)」) So we had no choice but to leave. But I reckon I still smelled some lovely chicken aroma coming from their kitchen. I guess it's because it's near closing time, that's why they are not serving chicken anymore,

When we finally went outside, we saw a group of people with young girls who were heading to the exhibit also. They were Filipino too. However, we overheard that the exhibit was not allowing people to enter anymore. It was around 6PM I think, but according to the posters, the schedule of the exhibit ends at 7PM. We were lucky we were able to go there earlier than planned, because Four Seasons House were closed at Hongdae. Apparently it was a good thing, else we would be short of time to visit the exhibit!

Man from the Stars is one of the best korean dramas that I have watched. It was a very nice opportunity to be able to visit the set where the scenes of the drama was shot. The exhibit made me yearn for more of the drama. I think I would be doing a rerun of it soon. :)


credits to: SBS

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7 (mga) komento

  1. why anyooe cant acknowledge the music in this series... it was worth mentioning a lot

  2. Of course! The OST of Man from The Stars was great, especially "My Destiny". The songs all deserve the love. ♥(ノ´∀`)

  3. Ahh youre so luckyyy , and im so envy

    1. Hi Frenty! We took the chance to visit the exhibit when it got extended until the latter half of last year. It was indeed an experience to see all the props and sets that were used in the drama!

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  5. Hello! Is the exhibit still open up to date? We're heading to Seoul his September and I wanna see the place :)

    Thanks and God Bless!

    JM Kayne |

    1. Hi JM! Unfortunately, the exhibit was open until August 2015 only.


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