The 1975: Discovering Old Tunes and Waiting for // L O V E // [★]

June 14, 2015

I don't know why but ever since I got to see this band live in their concert here in Manila last January, I can't seem to get enough of them.

The thirst for them is real. (´∩`。)

I was already behind the craze when I first discovered them. I cannot remember how I got to listen to them though, but I'm suspecting it's through Spotify. So I listened to their music and I instantly liked them. I researched a bit about them and found out that they have actually visited the Philippines around a year ago! They held shows at the Ayala malls and I never knew anything about it! (´Д`。) I added them to my concert bucketlist since then. When I heard they'd be coming for an official concert at the arena, I instantly got tickets! And it was the best concert experience I have ever had so far! (even beyond my kpop ones). I won't think twice seeing them in case they come here again (which they said they would during the last concert... I really hope they do!).

A playlist of some of my best-loved tracks from The 1975

Since after the concert, I'm experiencing post-concert depression and I'm still craving for more from them. I would always have their album as my music on my way home from work. It's a bit frustrating because during the concert I was still getting familiar with their songs (I have my favorites already but I am still not familiar with most of them). Medicine became one of my favorites also, and I did not even realize that I've seen them perform it live! Also, I somehow regret not going to their album signing event in January, the day before their concert. But since I was not that attached to them yet during that time, seeing them all in person is a bit of an overkill. But now I'm ready to see them face-to-face!

The band said that they will be releasing an album soon, and I was really looking forward to that. So it came as a shock when I browsed Twitter on June 1 and learned the reason why they were trending worldwide. I was not able to do some work while I was investigating on it. When their SNS accounts all went back live and online with a pink square photo, I knew everything was just a stunt to introduce the new concept for their new album. (OMG!) I would definitely get a physical copy of it. They have also released dates for their UK Tour on November and I am forever envious of their fans who would be seeing them there.

Since I cannot do anything but wait (for the album and for the date of their possible concert here), I researched for their old tunes in Youtube. The band had changed names in the past. with labels that include Talkhouse, The Slowdown, Bigsleep, and Drive Like I Do. It's a bit challenging to actually find their unreleased songs, because there are tons of them. Big thanks to this thread on reddit, the links from their old songs are mostly available to listen to.

Here are some of my picks from their unreleased tracks.

102 -
Lost Boys

This is by far the best live performances that I have heard from them:

Live At The Log Cabin The 1975 Settle Down
I love how Matty talks about their music in the start of this vid. They all looked happy performing here. :) There was a slight offbeat playing from George at one part, but was easily saved by the others (I saw Ross noticed it haha).

The 1975 Settle Down BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2014
This is a different arrangement with the saxophone!

The 1975 - Chocolate (Live) (VEVO LIFT): Brought To You By McDonald's

For now I'm continuing my quest in rediscovering The 1975 through old videos and songs, while waiting for their next album, L O V E, to finally to come out on music stores. 

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