AGCEF Activities in Boracay Postponed [✏]

November 11, 2013

People who have been working with the Asian Games Centennial Festival (AGCEF) committee have shared information via SNS that the activities in Boracay scheduled on November 26-29 have been postponed due to the recent calamities that hit the country.

Ms. Cecille Visto from Business World shared this news via twitter that the event has indeed been postponed.

JYJ_PH, a Philippine-based JYJ fanclub, who has been coordinating with the AGCEF organizers also shared the same news via their official Facebook page.

This is sad news, especially for fans who have highly anticipated JYJ's participation in the event.

This is a very understandable move from the organizers in a lot of points. First, the venue (Boracay) is not a favorable venue anymore because it was also affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Also, we all well know that the festival is highly budgeted and I think it would be very insensitive for the government to lavish in such a high-class event while thousands of people, especially in the Visayas region, need their help more because they were left homeless and are dying of hunger and thirst.

It would be nice if the event would still push through. We understand the country has already committed to it. But if this would entail the further use of funds, I would push to not hold the event altogether, and just allot the funds to help our fellowmen recover from the calamity. 

People's lives are way more important.

If it is possible, I suggest to just have a fundraising event, if the participating artists will oblige. Their schedules are already booked for the event anyway. 

We don't know what the next step of the AGCEF organizers will be. I just hope they think of the greater good on this.

Hi C-Jes. Doing a fundraising concert with your artists wouldn't hurt that much, right? This is for a big cause. Fans in the country would be very delighted, and at the same time you would help A LOT of people here. WIN-WIN situation, right? :D 

[UPDATE] It's official. They are moving the event to mid-January next year. Check out the news article about this.


sources: JYJ Lovers in the Philippines@Abugading on Twitter |

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