Experiencing The World's Helping Hands for the Haiyan Victims [❁]

November 24, 2013

For the past several weeks, the whole world's eyes were on us. The buzz of donations and help being extended to the Philippines is evident in the news, in the social media, and in real life.

From the day after the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan's local name) landfalled on the Visayas island, the atmosphere (at least for me) was tense. I am in Manila and the typhoon barely affected us. Seeing the first flood of news made me really sad. I cried everytime I saw the news. It was heartbreaking. Everday during that week, I was guilty I was doing nothing and just going through my normal everyday routine, as with everybody else in the neighborhood. But the events of the next days showed that the people are just getting ready to help.

International Help
News about donation drives and foreign doctors and health workers coming to the affected areas flooded the headlines. It was all overwhelming and heartwarming. I am very thankful to the international community for coming to our fellowmen's aid during these grave times of mortal suffering.

I'm just amused that even LINE created stickers for this.

LINE Philippines created stickers as a donation drive for the typhoon victims.

LINE's campaign stickers.

Local Help
Of course, we also did our part in helping our own. For us, donating through text is the most used means of helping.

I also had a chance to participate in repacking activities for relief operation  programs.

It was my second time to participate in such activity (the first one during Typhoon Ondoy). It was actually entertaining to go through the piles of clothes with the team. 

It's been two weeks since everything happened. I know dramatic improvements have already occurred in the towns affected and people are slowly recovering from the tragedy. I am just continuing to pray that everyone will be able to stand up and continue their lives with stronger spirits and bigger hopes.

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