The Blog Turns Two [❁]

November 17, 2013

Everything of this started with an idea that came to me while riding on a jeepney one morning on the way to work. I could still remember that I was sleepy that day, because we had to do overtime the night before to finish our tasks. It was traffic that's why it was a long trip. That's when I organized and formulated the thought of creating this blog.

Fast-forward to two years, my blog already has a total of 157,572 page views from 50,000+ visitors from 231 countries and some bragging rights on the side.

I never knew the blog would come this far. It was a difficult path by the way. For instance I didn't know much about web designing so I had to create different looks for the blog before I settled with the current one. But maybe in the future, I would still modify it for a fresh new look. Also, the posts that I have written in here are products of several days of planning, drafting, and editing. But I know (and I am beginning to reap the fruits of the hardwork!) that everything is all worth it. :)

The initial plan was to have this blog as my open documentation of my steps towards achieving my dreams, but as the months went by, the blog had also began to be my open diary and my notebook containing lecture notes of life's most important lessons. 

To all the readers who have come to visit my blog, thank you very much. I appreciate all the feedbacks that you have sent to me. I am happy to learn that I have helped you on some of my posts, or maybe have inspired you on others.

Unforunately, I don't have any giveaways to hold for you in celebration of the blog's anniversary (I don't have the capacity to do that. xD). Instead, My sincerest gratitude is what I have to offer to each and every one of my readers.

Thank you everyone! This journey is just beginning. :)

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