Rare 'Hybrid' Solar Eclipse To Occur on November 3 [★]

November 02, 2013

It's been a while since I got all giddy up because of an upcoming astronomical event. Actually, I have not had time to spend for this hobby of mine. Good thing there's an interesting event coming up that sparked the astronomer blood in me again - a hybrid solar eclipse.

I was browsing my twitter timeline when I saw this post by a fellow UP AstroSoc member:

I was like what the hell is a hybrid solar eclipse? I only know of total, partial, and annular.

According to universetoday.com,

This eclipse [...] will be an annular eclipse along the very first 15 seconds of its track before transitioning to a total [...].
This solar eclipse will go through annular, partial and total phases.
This is very interesting!

A hybrid solar eclipse is a very rare event. According to Fred Espenak’s Five Millennium Catalog of Solar Eclipses, among solar eclipses listed to occur within a 5,000 period (from 1999 BC to 3000 AD), only 4.8% are of the hybrid type.

Eclipse Visibility 
Too bad it won't be visible in the country because by the time the eclipse happens, the Philippines will be on the night side of the earth. For a guide of places where phases of the eclipse would be visible, see diagrams below (credits to owner).

(Credit: Michael Zeiler @EclipseMaps)
(Credit: Michael Zeiler, @EclipseMaps)

 Here's a series of screenshots I created from Stellarium illustrating how the moon will cover the sun during the course of the Nov 3 eclipse:

Partial Solar Eclipse Phase
November 3, 2013
Time: 10:10:54 AM (UTC)
Location: Albany New York (left) and Auburn, Washington (right)

Annular Solar Eclipse Phase
Time: 11:05:00AM (UTC)
Location: 32°15' N 79°11' W (coast of Jacksonville, Florida)

Since the annular phase would last only for a few seconds. I found it challenging to find the exact location in Stellarium that would have the annular view of the eclipse. This one is the closest thing that I could get for an annular view.

Total Solar Eclipse Phase 
Time: 11:35:54AM (UTC)
Location: Bensonville, Liberia

I'm looking forward to the actual photos of the eclipse! Hoping for clear skies! :D

references: universetoday.com | eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov
software used: Stellarium

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