Nichkhun for Bench - Fun Meet in Manila [★]

November 10, 2013

The day to meet this handsome fella, who is the latest KPOP star endorser of Bench, has come! Nichkhun, a member of KPOP boyband group 2PM, has come to Manila to meet and reach out to his Filipino fans.

Our fun meet venue - Mall of Asia

Nichkhun visited two malls for this event - Trinoma and SM Mall of Asia. The latter one was the nearer one from us so that's where me and my sister went to meet him. The first stop was in Trinoma, and we heard over Twitter that a lot of fans have gathered there already early in the morning (the event was scheduled at 3PM).

When we arrived at MOA, there was already a crowd around the stage of the venue. I can feel from the loud chattering that everyone is very excited already to see the KPOP idol.

panoramic view of the stage

The host of the event was Kat Alano, who is a familiar face because apparently she was an MTV Asia VJ before. It's been a while since I last saw this gal!

After a few minutes of opening the show, the main event has ascended the stage - NICHKHUN himself! *cue crazy fangirl screaming*

His warm smiles are such rays of sunshine! He seemed to be on a quite happy mood today.  He might be tired already, but he did not give any signs of it.

The fans happily greeted him สวัสดี /Sa-wat-dee Kah/ (which means 'hello' in Thai). He, in return, expressed himself in Filipino by saying phrases like 'Mahal ko kayo' (I love you) adorably to his fans.

Nichkhun cheerfuly greeting his fans.

Because he can converse well in English, he did not need any translator and just communicated directly with the crowd.

A few fans were able to play games with him on stage.

Here's his message to the fans who went to his fun meet today.

[I'll upload the video as soon as I can, so be sure to go back to this post again!]

[UPDATE] Here's the video! :D

Then, they proceeded with the fansigning. Aaah, such lucky fans! Nichkhun was very attentive to each and every one of them. I can see him mouth 'thank you' to each of his fans as he bowed and shaked hands with them.

He really looked handsome in person. Even the cameras can't shield this truth.

Nichkhun raffling numbers for the fansign.

with the SM staff

The show was short, but sweet. Thank you Nichkhun for coming to Manila (despite the looming super typhoon). You really made your fans happy here. Your kind attitude gave us warmth amidst the coldness of the storm.

I hope we run to you again in the future. Have a safe trip back to Korea! :D

Thank you Bench for bringing him here! :D

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