Kdrama Fashion Style: "Heartstrings" [★]

November 02, 2013

Hi guys! This is the third installment for my set in this blog called Kdrama Fashion Style wherein selected Korean dramas are reviewed for the fashion sense that the characters in that drama possess. We've already done this for Rooftop Prince and Missing You. These posts received an immensely positive feedback from the readers. This motivated me to create another one.

As usual, I am focusing on the lead female of the drama and this time it's Park Shin Hye for Heartstrings. Her character in this drama is a naive and bubbly one. She's also a student of Korean traditional music in their university.

her typical outfit in Heartstings

Shin Hye is most of the time spotted wearing flowy dresses throughout the show. A necklace and a watch is a must too.

Those tiny pendants accentuate her outfit on every episode.

Check out below some of her outfits in the drama below. :D

She also made a great couple with Yonghwa. :D I really think everyone got frustrated in their unaccomplished relationship in their previous drama You're Beautiful that's why they launched Heartstrings. xD

They also made a very fashionable couple! (o⌒.⌒o)

Heartstrings was all about romance between a campus heartthrob and a bubbly naive girl. The drama plot was not really my taste, but the colorful clothing and  eye candy actors made me glued to the series.

More KPOP fashion style articles to come! Stay tuned on the blog. :)


Heartstrings is an MBC drama in South Korea. No copyright infringement intended.

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