My Christmas 2013 Wishlist [❁]

November 24, 2013

Last year, I made a list of the things I wanted to have/do on Christmas. Looking back at it now, I am amazed to know that I was able to actually make 50% of them come true! I am so happy to realize this. I am glad I was able to fulfill what I wanted back then. :D

This year, it's a whole new list. If I had a genie and it can grant me an unlimited number of wishes, here's what I want to have for this year:

Sony Extra Bass Headphones
[update: already got one! i bought the sony mdr-zx600 :D]
My current one (the one that came with the Sony Walkman) had broken down recently and I badly needed a new one. I love listening to music and I use my player all the time. I have an extra pair of earphones but the quality of the sound is nowhere near the sony headphones. Also, this is a painful timing for my headphones to malfunction because I'm currently attending an online course on music engineering (spearheaded by this site) and I need to listen to tracks in full audio clarity to analyze the songs more effectively. I really need a good pair of headphones ASAP, and I am going to look for something at Sony.

Travel to Korea
I have been daydreaming of doing this like forever but could not, because of logistical reasons. I'm planning to do this in the near future though. But if I am given the opportunity to go there, like right now(!), without thinking of the financial aspect, I would. But I prefer to go there during the Spring season because I have learned how beautiful the flowers can bloom there during this time. Also, I want to visit kpop-and-kdrama-related places (as mentioned in this guide). I also want to buy lots of Korean cosmetic products because I have proved that it's effective for me

My Own Car
All my life I have been commuting and I didn't mind because I am so used to it already. However, certain circumstances made me want this recently (like my reporting time at work). Also, I have experienced stumbling down from a bus before because I missed a step going down. It caused me a sprained and bruised ankle that I had to nurse for more than a week (no bone fractures fortunately!). Because of this, I want to have one not just for convenience but also for safety reasons.

Super Junior Calendar from Tony Moly
[update: I don't just have one, I have three of this calendar. LOL. I also have a makeup haul to go with them!]
Ever since I saw them in the flesh in their SS5 leg in Manila, I started to fangirl over them. Tony Moly (a Korean cosmetics line) has some of the group members as their current endorsers. To celebrate my newly-blossomed fandom with them, I want to have this calendar so that I'll see them all throughout the year. JYJ ,the kpop group that I am primarily fangirling with, was Tony Moly's previous model. I was not into cosmetics before so I did not really bother to have the merchandise that they have of the group. But it's a different story now. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I'm eyeing to purchase some items to earn this freebie!

Harry Potter Books 3 & 7
[update: My wish was granted. I got these two books for Christmas! :D]
These two books would finally complete my Harry Potter book collection! I've been purchasing the books that I'm missing since last year. Before, I only have a copy of books 4, 5, and 6. I was only able to read the other ones through borrowing them from my classmates. I have actually started rereading the whole series. (see here my review for book one).

New Android Phone
[update: accomplished! I got myself a Nexus 5 :D]
It's about time I do this. I've been using my current one for the last two years, and I need to upgrade it soon. Because of the low specs my current phone has, some heavy-duty applications always crash because of insufficient memory. I always wanted to buy an HTC One. That is my dream phone. However, because of practicality reasons, I'm opting for that Xperia phone with a dual sim functionality. It's way cheaper than the HTC One but more useful and flexible. :)

These are some of the things that I want to have/experience before the year ends. I know, some of the items on this list I could only daydream about but the others I could actually work on. Aside from these, I can still think of some additional ones, though I consider them as part of my goals list, not of the wish list:

It's good to daydream, but it's better to actually do something to make the dream come true. I want to convert these wishes and daydreams into reality. I know I will, soon, doing one step at a time. :D

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