Eyed Concerts - Matchbox Twenty Live in Manila! [★]

November 04, 2013

Before all the craziness around kpop happened to me, my music sanctuary was (and still is!) of the 90s hits, especially of the alternative genre. My playlist is filled with hits of Alanis Morissette, Matchbox Twenty, Switchfoot, Coldplay, Goo Goo Dolls, Keane, Lifehouse, Muse, New Radicals, The Calling, Third Eye Blind, Train, Vertical Horizon, Duncan Sheik, BBMAK, and Incubus (which I have seen perform live in 2011, making it my first concert ever :D) to name a few. :)

Their songs are always in my playlist. Their songs give me that kind of mood that I like when I listen to their music. 

There's this trend on concerts nowadays wherein big hitmakers from the 90's are coming to Manila to perform. Actually, I would have wanted to come to that Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Smash Mouth concert but I don't have anyone to come with me. (ノД`)・゜・。I also wanted to come to the Relient K mall tour! Damn, I've been missing a lot of good acts. A lot of the artists listed above have already visited the country to perform. During that time, I was not really fond yet of attending concerts, but now I am! Actually, the one concert that I got really frustrated with was with Switchfoot (and seeing the setlist on that linked page make me more depressed that I didn't go. T__T).

And yet, another music legend is coming to Manila, Matchbox Twenty!

Actually as I am writing this, I am listening to Bright Lights. I really really love their songs! I've been tempted to even come to this concert alone just to be able to see them perform them live. 

Anyway, to everyone who are huge alternative music fans, I guess Matchbox Twenty is no stranger to you. Go watch their concert! I'm sure you'll go all nostalgic listening to their old hits. :)


Their concert has been cancelled because of the typhoon. SAD. T^T

... and because I got frustrated, I just sang my heart out.


reference: manilaconcertscene.blogspot.com

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