GrabTaxi - The Heaven-Sent App for Commuters [★]

December 22, 2013

I have commuted all my life, and I perfectly know how hard it can be to wait for a taxi especially within the busy streets of the metro.

This is why, I thank the genius creators of GrabTaxi which makes finding a nearby for-hire taxi way way easier.

I have witnessed how this worked with a group of friends when we waited for a taxi cab along Jupiter St. in Makati and I think this is a very clever way of using the technology of smartphones today.

The GrabTaxi app connects to the internet to load data (available drivers, taxi information). It uses the GPS capability of smartphones to locate nearby available drivers or commuters. Aside from the convenience, you would also feel safe using this app because all the information about the driver and the vehicle can be seen on the application even before you get on the taxi.

I think many commuters are already using this app because within the time that we were on the grabtaxi-booked vehicle, the smartphone of the driver alerted of nearby customers for at least 30 times!

For more information about the GrabTaxi application, visit their website at

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