When Will I See TVXQ and JYJ in the Flesh? [❁]

December 01, 2013

One of TVXQ's last album photoshoots together
before the disbandment in 2010.

I have been fangirling on them for 4 years. 

I have seen thousands of photos of them and hours of videos on them on youtube. 

I have screamed my lungs out for them.

I have cried a lot for them (insert emoshinki feels here).

When will I see them real life, in the flesh, breathing in front of my eyes, performing songs that I have come to love all this time?

Before I never longed of seeing them perform live, because the means of doing it is not feasible to me (going to Korea to watch their shows OR going to other nearby Asian countries where they would hold an overseas concert). But today is different, because opportunities for kpop concerts have started to open up for the country. However, it seems this dream of Filipino Cassies to see their idols live is still yet to come true.

2013 - Year of KPOP Concerts
The year 2013 has been a year for KPOP. Several groups have visited the country to hold concerts and fanmeets. I was able to meet CNBlue (during the presscon and the concert) and Super Junior (upclose!). Other groups who came here include EXO(12), Infinite, Shinee, Dal Shabet, and Girls Generation to name a few (view here the complete list of kpop events held in the Philippines). Fans across different fandoms had their chance to see their idols perform live.  I know how they feel. I know how happy you could get by seeing your idols sing and dance in real life instead of watching them in youtube videos.

Rumored Concerts, Confirmed Events...
The probability of TVXQ and JYJ coming here is never zero, in fairness. A lot of buzz spread around about possible concerts/visits of my beloved five boys in the country. Below are some of them (I guess you already know most of these).

 [Actually they already did come here in 2006. It was to film a commercial. But, I still didn't know that they exist during that time T^T]

Jaejoong's Frst Asia Tour
Jaejoong's I album topped the country's iTunes when it was released online. The Philippines was one of the 9 Asian countries where the album ranked first in the rock category. In one statement of C-JeS, this was mentioned:

His agency explained that they planned the Asia tour because of the positive response Kim Jaejoong’s album has received, with his tracks topping the iTunes rock charts in nine foreign countries.

AND PHILIPPINES IS ONE OF THOSE NINE COUNTRIES. It is very logical to assume that indeed our country is included in the tour! I really got my hopes up on this because of the very high possibility of having Jaejoong perform in the country. 

Even @seoulfm (a site that streams kpop songs online) tweeted hints about a possible concert of Jaejoong here. I was not able to document those tweets, but I know Filipino Cassies would surely remember that. 

Junsu's Incredible Tour
Junsu also had a solo concert tour in Asia for his Incredible album. This time, the local fandom community took action. JYJPhilippines launched a campaign-signing event petitioning the Philippines to be included in his tour.

JYJPhilippines' campaign for Incredible Tour in Manila

They noted in their campaign that C-JeS is actually open to this idea, but with the condition that they should be able to collect an audience of 5,000 people. Of course, I took part on this site (Junsu is my favorite member!):D 

TVXQ Catch Me Tour
November of last year, 2012, fan accounts telling that TVXQ mentioned the Philippines in a press conference for their Catch Me concert tour spread like wildfire over the web. This information even made it into the local entertainment news.

Kayleen Cortez's Youtube channel

The words came straight from the horse's mouth! I'm sure fans have been hyperventilating with happiness when they heard this news. This gave us fans more solid foundation of having our hopes for a concert in the country. 

Jaejoong's Second Asia Tour
Jaejoong's second album (WWW) came and again, it topped the country's iTunes chart in the rock category. We were in the news again. For the second time, Filipino Cassies' hopes for a concert here went high.

This is the biggest news that we've had of them this year, because first of all, this is a confirmed event. Their schedule of coming to the Visayan island is even included already in their schedule of activities in the C-JeS website.  Anthony Sanchez, one of the AGCEF staff, said this:
 The show is open to the public but the front and the middle portion of the stage frontage is strictly reserved for our guests and they are cordoned off due to security concerns. After said cordon, the public can watch and enjoy the show. We will provide several large LED screens and there will be a fireworks display after the music gala.
There was a 100% chance of seeing them so I did not hesitate to go and arrange a trip to Boracay. Several Filipino Cassies did the same thing and booked their flights.

Not One of These Materialized...
Amidst all the rumors of concerts and even the confirmed events, nothing has actually happened, and not one of TVXQ or JYJ has set foot to the country this year.

Regarding the rumored concert of Jaejoong, I randomly tweeted @seoulfm one night. They tweeted back, and thus we have confirmed, that there was indeed a plan to hold a concert here, but maybe because of one reason or another, the negotiation was not successful.

Several months have passed and I haven't heard from JYJPhilippines about the Incredible Tour campaign, so I think the concert here was not really able to be pushed through.

On the other hand, TVXQ was set to come in the Philippines this year, with a concert with EXO, but because of some reasons, All Access Production, the organizer behind the event, changed the lineup and thus the KPOP Republic concert was launched, with Shinee and EXO as the featured artists. They only told the fans this information recently (through either All Access Production's FB Page OR Kpop Republic's FB Page, I couldn't remember which of them). They already deleted that post, but I was able to retrieve the photo that they posted in the fan page (and I can teach you how to do that. :D will post about this soon [update: here's the tutorial!])

The above photo is a draft of the supposed event by All Access Prod. It's heartbreaking to hear this now, but I guess it was really not the right time for them to come here.

But the most heartbreaking of all of them is the cancellation of the AGCEF event in Boracay due to the damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Of course, I understand why it happened (thousands of people were left dead and more of them were left homeless). 

I'm just wondering when I would be seeing them. It's been 4 years. Time's running fast. They would be enlisting to the military soon, then it's another 2 years of waiting. *sigh* I really want to see them before they go to the military. For now, I don't know when it will happen. I hope life will surprise me on this through one way or another.

Cassies, always keep the faith.

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