Lunafly Serenades Fans at KPOP Con 5 [★]

December 30, 2013

Aaah. Lunafly. This group really got me the moment they sang the first lines of their Roar cover on Youtube, and my admiration grew deeper when I watched their other music videos. They have a number of English covers and they have such great English diction when singing.

Roar - Katy Perry

When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars

Wake Me Up - Avicii

Before the KPOP convention, I had zero idea that this group actually existed. I was waiting for the announcement of the special guests of the KPOPCon by Happee Sy, and when the list of groups was finally posted, I was actually disappointed that I didn't know any of them. Not giving up, I searched each of them in Youtube, and that's how I was able to discover Lunafly. I am so easily moved by guys who have awesome singing voices that's why I ended up liking this group instantly.

They were the third KPOP group to perform at the convention. The place was packed when it was their time to come to the stage!

Lunafly on stage at the KPOPCon

Can I just say that they sounded soooo good live?? They didn't use earpieces but they were able to sing flawlessly (and with impressive blending too!) while playing the guitars and the piano. I didn't know much of their songs (because I watched only their covers of English songs) so I was not able to connect to their Korean songs during that time, which is pathetic really. Their song Superhero is actually good, and they also have an English version of it

I think they sang at least 5 songs (I failed to count because I was too busy with the camera). They performed a few of their Korean songs. To my utmost delight, they also sang Mirrors by JT. I really loved their cover of it. It was awesome to actually see them perform it live. :D

I have also discovered that aside from being talented musicians, they are such funny guys! They joked around a lot of times throughout the interview with the audience ending up laughing very hard. They requested not to have a translator on stage because apparently Sam (the blonde one) can converse fluently in English! And he has a very nice British accent! Lunafly talked to the fans directly. Sam talked most of the time, but we saw that the other two were also doing their best and spoke in phrases in English.

It was a wonderful experience discovering their music and being able to see them in person. I really hope they do come again here in Manila. I would definitely go and see them again. :D

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