Family Mart: Your One-Stop Place for Japanese Goodies [★]

December 31, 2013

I have been seeing a lot of this mart lately around the Metro. At first I didn't pay attention to it but after exploring the One Central branch with friends one night after work, I found out the treasures found inside the store. xD

I'm such a fan of anything green tea (especially matcha!) and imagine my glee when I discovered that Family Mart sells out green tea ice cream!

Their ice cream is served twirl-all-you-can, and no it does NOT mean that you could refill it unlimitedly. You personally dispense it from the ice cream machine (not sure what it's called). Through a single serve, you can twirl ice cream on the cone in as tall as you want.

There were also other green tea goodies in there. This is heaven!

I couldn't resist it. The next day, I bought some of them. Hahaha. They were both delicious. :D

Brown and Cony Line Dolls were also sold there.

There were also ramen available there. I tried this one (forgot the name). It was fairly tasty, especially the noodles. :D

And the best thing about this convenience store is the COMFORT ROOM!!! They have a restroom available for the customers in case you need to address the urgent call of nature at line number 1 (if you know what I mean xD). I drank a lot of red tea when we were there that's why I needed to pee already. Good thing they have a restroom. 

I think  I'd be returning to Family Mart several times more to try out the other matcha goodie that I haven't bought (uhm because it was too expensive) and the other munchies there. Hehe. Good thing they opened a branch nearby the office. ^_________^

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