Track Picks by #TheVoicePH Candidates [★]

December 24, 2013

I know, I know. It's been months since the singing battle has ended. As much as I have tried keeping up on the episodes that aired every week, I failed on following the show.

I have searched each of the contestants on Soundcloud and these are the artists and the songs that I like on their accounts (the other songs might have been good, but these are the ones that are of my taste):

Thor Dulay

Moira Dela Torre

Cara Manglapus

Lance Fabros

Japs Mendoza

Kim Mainit

Myk Perez

Angelica Prado

John Duka

Dan Billano

Here's a playlist of all these songs on Soundcloud:

I'm proud of these Filipino talent! (´△`)♪


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