Audio Mixing: Happy Xmas (War Is Over) [♬ ~ #14]

December 22, 2013

I have been attending the free online course provided by the great great people over at for the past six weeks. Though the lecture series is officially over, I have not yet finished working on the last three assignments (and I need to do them soon!). But so far, I have learned the foundation of audio mixing.

Below is the first track I have recorded after learning the lessons in the #PWYM course. I have realized that my previous recordings were just the dry sounds of the instruments I played on the digital keyboard. Now that I know how to apply sound effects and some panning, this is how my cover for the Christmas song Happy Xmas (War is Over) turned out:

Comparing the same track with the dry sounds of the instrument:

For this track, I used three voices from the digital keyboard (piano, star dust, violin) and below are the effects that I applied on them for this mix:

Piano (dry sound) - panned to the left
Piano with reverb - panned to the right
Violin - split into two tracks, each panned 40% on both directions, with echo fx, -4dB
Stardust - plit into two tracks, each panned 50% on both directions, with wah wah fx, -3dB

Applying these on the dry sounds of the instruments greatly improved the final output of the mix. :D

I think I would be using the techniques that I have learned in the online course on covers and instrumentals that I will be making in the future. :)

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