Catching Fire: Hunger Games II Movie Review [☝]

December 15, 2013

I know this is a bit late, but I just had to let some of my thoughts about this movie out to the universe. 

To begin with, I did not read the book so I have zero idea on what to expect. I just knew (through friends who have read the book and can't keep it to themselves) that Katniss will return to the arena again together with previous survivors of the Hunger Games. I was curious on how the battle would go this time, and how they would survive (because I well know they would, there's still a third book. Ha!)

The movie was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I was on the edge of my seats throughout the movie! Also, I was so affected by Mags' character. 

Her character reminded me a lot of my own mother. The way she volunteered to save a fellow victor from her district is very touching. When she sacrificed herself and died in the poisonous fog, I started bawling. Literally, I was sobbing very hard on my seat that my sister, who was beside me, had to ask me if I was okay. I was so affected by her character very much, I just could not explain it. (Reading from this site, the event of her death was more dramatic in the book. I really have to read it soon!). Several minutes after that scene, I was still crying. I just couldn't move on. I had to calm myself eventually to focus more on the film.

Moreover, can I just say that I am impressed by Jennifer Lawrence's archery skills? Having tried to shoot arrows myself, I know how difficult it can be. Though some archery experts might say otherwise, I think how she did her archery stunts in the movie is fairly great.

I won't say much about the film, because we all know that it was phenomenal, right? I'm not entirely into Finnick (save for his affection for Mags) and I was so blown away by the plot twist.

The third movie is still years away. Again, I will be reading the third book after I see the movie. For now, I'm on to read the second book. :D

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