First Day of My 24th [❁]

December 18, 2013

A few days ago, I turned 24. Yup, I am that old already. I can't believe it myself. (*゚ロ゚) COWABUNGA dude.

It was my first time to do a birthday leave EVER. Well it was not exactly a leave because I still did work just at home. But I just thought I had to celebrate my birthday in a different way this time around.

Simbang Gabi
So at 4:30AM, me and mom went impromptu to church to attend the first day of the Simbang Gabi. This is a tradition by Filipinos wherein they go to church to attend the mass at early morning from December 16 to December 24. As expected, there were a lot of people already at church when we arrived. I never had a chance to do this in my past birthdays. I'm happy I was able to attend this year.

Google Greeting
After going to church, I ate a quick breakfast and went to turn on my laptop. Am ready to do some work! Upon loading my browser's home page, this is what I saw:

I felt so kilig! xD Thaaank you!

Truly, Google is your best friend. The people over the development team sure knows how to charm their customers. I just love how they reach out to their clients through ways like this. I think it's fun to join their team. I could just daydream about it. xD

To complete my usual morning routine, I turned on the radio and tuned in at frequency 93.1. I have not had the joy of listening to my all-time favorite morning show for months! Hearing the kikay barkada in the morning really gives me comfort. :D

Letter From My Past Self
The letter that I sent from the past through arrived today! Most of the content are inquiries on how things are going on at the present. Here are some of those questions and my answers!

- How's the blog? Hope you are still writing in there.
YES. I am still writing on it. On top of that, I have even bought a domain name for it. *proud*

-- I hope you have lost some weight xD
I am sorry to disappoint you my past self. But no, I am still struggling to lose some pounds. I can't stop eating delicious food! I hope I could start changing my diet by January (I know this is cliche, but December is just the worst time to be on a diet. :p)

-- I hope JYJ or even just Junsu have finally visited the country and you did not dare miss it!!
Nope, it still did not happen. I am very frustrated about it. Really.

-- that sis already got to eat samgyupsal hahaha
Yes, she already had. :D :D :D

Personal Greetings From Friends
It's a well-known fact among my friends that I seldomly use Facebook. I'm just not fond of the social culture there anymore. I'm so happy that people still remembered my special day even if there's no notification displayed on FB. Close friends either tweeted me or sent me an SMS. Thank you everyone! :D :D :D

Simple Day With Family
All in all, I spent the day with the people at home. There's no party, just a simple feast at our dining table. But of course birthdays would not be complete without a cake! Actually I really did not plan to have a cake (I already had one, courtesy of my teammates at work). But my sister insisted that I have one so we did a quick trip to Shopwise and bought one of their cheap cake rolls. xD Also, I bought a book that I have been wanting to read - Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. It is the only book that I haven't read yet out of the seven installments of the series.

Thank you to everyone who have been with me through all those years! I'm still working on bringing out my best self every year. :) YAAAY! :D

Me and my simple cake xD

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