PH KPop Convention 5 - A Huge Success [★]

December 29, 2013

Can I just say that this event had just stamped its mark in Philippine KPOP history?

The Philippine KPOP Convention was at its grandest form this year as it has partnered with Pulp Live World to bring four KPOP artists to perform in the event - A.Cian, LC9, Lunafly, and Boyfriend. The convention was held at SMX Halls 1 & 2 from 10AM to 10PM on December 28.

banners draped around the venue

Free Magazines From Pulp!
All people who purchased tickets for the #KPOPCon5 got free back issues of Pulp Magazines! YAY.

This is also where they released the latest issue of the magazine which is a special Super Junior edition covering their Super Show 5 in Manila last October. They also sold back issues of Pulp magazine in the convention.

KPOP Merchandise Overload
As expected, the place was packed with fellow KPOP fans. The KPOP convention is the perfect place to buy lots of KPOP merchandise. Everyone was scurrying around the merchandise booths to check out some kpop items. Ah, I'm so tempted to buy lots of items. xD

Fanclubs Unite!
This is also the event wherein almost all KPOP fanclubs in the country come together to promote their kpop groups and reach out to fellow fans.

There were also standees of kpop idols scattered around the venue. :))

The standees of the handsome boys of CNBLUE. :D

Junsu standee comfortably sitting at the CassPH booth. xD

Taking a picture with the JYJ standees. YAY.

Second Stage - Makeup, Fashion and Language Classes
Since it was still early for Lunafly's performance over at the main stage (they are the group that I wanted to see perform), me and my sister went around first to check out the booths and the program at the second stage.

We missed the make-up session by Marge Tan of I have been wanting to see her because she is one of the beauty icons of Korean cosmetics I'm following online. :(( Oh well.

Fortunately, we were able to catch RJ Roque teach some tips on fashion.

Main Stage - Contests and KPOP Group Performances
When we went to the other side of the hall to the main stage, A.Cian was currently on stage doing photo ops with the fans.

Then after that, the KPOP Dance Battle started.

We left the venue shortly after that to grab some lunch. We returned in perfect timing to catch the performance of Lunafly!!!

It's Lunafly on stage! Waaah!

These very talented boys sure know how to flatter their audience. They serenaded us with their suave voices while playing the guitars and the piano.

[I am creating a separate blog post about their performance. More details and photos of their stage soon! :D

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Lunafly stage at the KPOPCon. :D]

And then soon after, it was Boyfriend's turn to be on stage!

I was not able to see most of their performance on stage but I got to see them do the games prepared for the show. They were doing fanservice and laughing with all the games that they were doing on stage.

Boyfriend eating tokneneng. It looked like they really enjoyed it. Haha.

Miss Kring did a very great job hosting the event. It's no joke to stand on that stage and facilitate this big event for almost 12 hours!

I am most amused by her wardrobe changes throughout the show.

I apologize because these photos don't give justice on how glamorous Miss Kring looked that night. :O The highlight of her hosting for me was when she danced Whoops Kiri with Boyfriend. :p

There was an open noraebang on the stage until 10PM but I was not able to catch it anymore. After seeing a bit of Boyfriend, I went by a friend's booth and bought these lovely kpop cupcakes!

Visit mintdebox for more wonderful cupcakes like these!

So aside from these cupcakes, I went home with these magazines too from Pulp!

I didn't buy much of the merchandise available there. Honestly, I feel too old already to be fangirling. Most of the fans there were students. Hahaha. But anyway, I'm there for the music mainly so I guess I'm still eligible to be fan, right?

It's a fun fun night! Too bad I was not able to see LC9. But maybe next time.

There were a lot of first-timer attendees, and based on what I have read on twitter, they all enjoyed being in the convention. Like them, I was very happy to attend the event. I am already yearning for the next one next year! ^_____________^

Congrats +KpopCon Philippines and Pulp for a successful event! :D

Check out below for more images of the convention! :D

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