Retrieving Images From Chrome's Cache [★]

December 08, 2013

So you saw this juicy photo of a friend on Facebook and you wanted to download it for you to have your own copy. But when you went back to the page, it's gone already! Apparently your friend took it down and deleted the photo out of embarrassment. Well fear not, your evil plans are still underway. It's still possible to get that photo. Nyahahaha! Ψ(`▽´)Ψ *evil laugh*

Well okay, that's scenario is a little bit into the dark side but well it's just one example of a situation wherein you want to retrieve data that you've seen online but got deleted by the user already. The idea on how to do it is very simple. You just have to be a little patient in locating the right source of that data that you are looking for. 

Disclaimer: this method does not involve any kind of hacking. As a software engineer, I well know that hacking is an activity highly discouraged and breaks the law of the ethics of programming.

So, here's what you'll need to get the job done (actually there are only two):

* Google Chrome ~ This trick will only work if you have loaded the image you'll going to retrieve on Chrome. Maybe there's also a way to do this on other browsers, but this post will only cover the method for Chrome.

* This webpage from sensefulsolutions ~ This contains the tutorial and the tool for locating data in google chrome's cache and viewing the photos saved there. Don't worry, it's very easy to follow the instructions here. :D

For my situation, I used this method because I wanted to retrieve a photo that I saw before on FB (that later on I used on this post). When I saw that the post was already taken out, I knew there was still a way to retrieve that photo. I searched Google and it gave me that site as one of the solutions (Google is your bestfriend!)

my chrome's cache content

The cache page of chrome basically contains data regarding images, html, and css contents (and maybe more other files) that you have loaded before in the web browser. The major challenge for me when I did this was to locate which of these JPG files is the photo that I was looking for. I had no choice but to do trial-and-errors. Using the functionality in senseful solutions site, I was able to convert the hexadecimal values contained in the cache to a viewable photo. After several tries, I finally found what I was looking for!


This method is actually a little tiresome, but it works. This technique can be handy when you wanted to get information already taken out of the web.

Go try it yourself! :)

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