Seoul Trip 2015: Day0 ~ Airports and Hostels [★]

April 08, 2015

And so our travel to Seoul begins.

With all our luggages already packed the previous night, we woke up the next day to prepare for our travel to the airport. I was not able to sleep well during that night! Maybe because of the mixed excitement and anxiety for our trip, I was not able to rest well. Nevertheless, I am in high spirits when we arrived at the airport!

My luggage to Korea! I just had to take photos of it,
in case you know it gets lost during the flight.

Our trip was with AirAsia and we went to NAIA Terminal 3 for our flight. We arrived a few hours early so we just queued in line until the check-in counter for our flight opened.

After we have checked-in our baggages, we had our lunch, then walked our way to the boarding area to wait for our scheduled departure.

walk walk walk!

pre-flight photo
This is my first trip with my sister, which is also a kpop fan. This is what made this trip also extra special. This is both our second international trip. :D

On the plane, we were seated both along the aisle.

The flight to Seoul lasted for more than 3 hours so we just slept while on the plane.

We landed at around 8:30PM, local time, at Incheon International Airport.

All passengers had to get on a subway train before going to the baggage pickup point. We panicked a little because we thought we headed to the wrong way. Haha!

subway train at the airport

After passing the immigration (wherein they got our photo and fingerprints) and picking up our baggages, we searched for the driver that will pick us up. We availed of the aiport pickup service of Zaza Backpackers (where we were set to stay). We found him right away because he had a sign with my name and the name of our hostel. Yay! We quickly did our transaction at the currency exchange booth and bought T-Money cards at the 7-eleven store there. After that, our driver led us outside to get the car.

As soon as the airport glass doors opened, the chilly wind blew at our faces! It was so cold! I forgot to put on my jacket so I just hurriedly followed ahjusshi driver to the parking lot to get the car. As soon as we got into the car, it felt warm again. ( ´ ▽ ` )

Our friendly driver asked us where we were from and if it was our first time here in Korea. He then told us that it will take an hour travel to our hostel. Me and my sister excitedly looked around the sceneries along the way that are our first glimpses of the land of South Korea.

The roads are wide and there was only a light traffic. The environment much reminds me of San Fransisco actually.

The skyline of Seoul is beautiful. There are lots of buildings (much higher than those in Makati!) and their lights glowed beautifully, along with the other lights in the city.

True that, after an hour, we arrived at Zaza Backpackers Hostel in Myeongdong. :D We thanked our driver and proceeded to the reception area where Sunam (one of their staff, and also the one who was replying to my emails) was waiting for us. We paid the fees for the airport pickup and the room where we will stay for five days. After signing some papers, he informed us that our room was actually in another building, at the Myeongdong Global Hostel. So we got outside again and walked for a bit. Sunam carried our luggages along the way (thanks!). At the Global Hostel, another staff greeted us (forgot his name though). He gave us the key to our room and helped with our luggages also. They have an elevator for luggages so we did not need to carry them up the floor. We are on the second floor, just near the entrance and the reception room.

After setting down our things, we went downstairs again to the Myeongdong shopping area (which was really near our hostel) to search for ATMs to get more Korean Won. However we were not able to find one (the ATM at the Shinhwa Bank was all out of service!) So we just headed to the nearest GS25 store and bought some ramen and bread as our dinner.

Pretty lame for our first night, right? (T_T)

But it's okay, the best part was that we arrived safely to Seoul! Our adventures in the next several days is a 180-degree turn around with the unlucky things that happened in our first night. :D

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