Yummy Restaurants in Seoul: Two Two Fried Chicken [★]

April 11, 2015

After a tiring first day of our trip (because we went around Myeongdong, visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace, made a sidetrip to Bukchon Hanok Village, and went all the way to Gangnam to the SMTown Hall at Coex Atrium), we were so hungry! During our first night here in Seoul (which I consider day 0, because we just landed from the airport), on our way down to Myeongdong from our hostel, we noticed this one establishment that has a long queue outside. There's also a mouthwatering aroma coming out from that restaurant! We just quickly scanned it and found out that it's a chicken restaurant and most of the people are ordering for takeout. So today after that tiring but accomplishing trip, we went there for dinner to try it out!

If you can see in the picture, the pile of fried chickens at the far right are those that are freshly cooked (and this is where the aroma comes from because the cooking area is located at the entrance of the resto!) while the pile trays on the left side are the takeout containers (because they specialize on takeout orders, and that explains the people queued outside).

We ordered for a set of half the original fried chicken recipe and half of the sweet and spicy chicken.

And because we are Filipinos, we ordered for two sets of rice. xD But actually the chicken meal is meant to be eaten as it is, matched with some beer (chicken and beer! just like what Cheon Song Yi always orders in the Man from the Stars drama haha). But we are in no mood to drink up so we ordered cokes in can! And also, this chicken quantity is just one order, it just looked liked two because we chose the set with two flavors.

The chicken was soooo good! Eventually I had to use my fingers to eat to the bones because it was so delicious! We were so full we even had some left over chicken to take out (which we did) and we were not able to finish the rice lol! (tip: when in S.Korea, don't bother ordering rice!).

We were only able to eat once at this resto (because we wanted to also try other stuff during our stay) but it's a treat to smell the goodness of their chicken whenever we pass by their resto going to and from our hostel.

Next time I visit Seoul again (especially Myeongdong!), I would definitely drop by Two Two Fried chicken again. :D

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