Seoul Trip 2015: Day1 ~ SMTown at Coex Atrium [★]

April 09, 2015

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) and SM Entertainment Co., Ltd have partnered to showcase a one-of-a-kind experience of the Korean culture for foreign tourists with the launch of the Hallyu Concert and Moonlight Tour Program for Foreigners. From April 1 to 2, foreign tourists had a chance to watch a hologram concert at the SM Town Theatre, and at night join a Moonlight Tour at the Changdeokgung Palace.

Luckily, me and my sister were among the chosen 30 foreign tourists to participate in the program! Yay!

Hologram concert of Girl's story at the SM Town Theatre

I was lured to the kpop scene because of TVXQ. As the year went by, I started to recognize other artists that were also from SM Entertainment. This is why a trip to SMTown is the perfect treat for me as a KPOP fan!

SM Town Theatre
Located on the fifth floor, the SM Town Theatre is a multifunctional theatre that can hold hologram, musicals, and actual concerts. Aside from the stage at the center with the hologram effect, there are screens also at the center stage (that scrolls down) and also on both sides that extends the vision from the central stage.

The GIRL STORY hologram concert features SNSD's Yoona and SHINee's Minho as robot dolls that seeks to find the true love of their life.

Holographic performances of EXO's Growl, f(x)'s Pinocchio, SHINee's Dream Girl, Girls Generation's  The Boys, Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, and TVXQ's Catch Me were showcased in the show. Also, SNSD's Taeyeon sang a ballad in the end (which I don't know the title, but I loved the song!)

It's amazing how technology can alter how our eyes perceive things. It really looked like all of those stars were there on stage dancing and singing! I almost cried when TVXQ went on stage. xD

They also showed teasers of the School Oz Hologram Musical.

happy fangirl after the hologram concert \(*T▽T*)/

SM Town Tour

After the 45-minute hologram concert, we made our way to start our tour around the SMTown Building.

Just outside the SMTown Theatre, there are a lot of things to see. First off is the Photo Box wherein you can take photos with your favorite artists and print them on photo paper.

There's also a series of murals of your favorite artists where you can take photos with them, just like in the Trick Eye museum. Haha!

Even the wall outside their toilet is draped with SM Idol group names. :D

They also have the SMTown Gallery on the same floor wherein you can check out huge posters of your favorite artists.

There's also the 3D Printing section wherein you can print a 3D figure of your favorite artist, together with a 3D print version of yourself!

Every floor is draped with the gorgeous faces of the SMTown artists. This place is heaven! (●´∀`●)

channelling my inner GG... lol

On the fourth floor is the SMTOWN Liverary Cafe

They have a music lounge there wherein you can listen to CDs of SMTown artists. Albums are also exhibited there.

There are lots of merchandise on sale in the cafe.

I think I won't have the heart to be able to eat those cute cupcakes!

Heechul's autograph on one of the tables in the cafe

Next stop is the SMTown Studio located on 3F (yes we are going downwards on this tour haha!). They have the training, recording, M/V, and photo studios here.

I believe you would need reservations to be able to go inside the studio.
On one floor by the escalator (forgot which one), the trophies received by SM artists are on display. I looked on each one of them and found this Best Artist Award won by TVXQ! in Mnet Music Awards 2006.

Feeling nostalgic. T^T
On the second floor is the SUM (Celebrity Shop) with lots of cute merchandise of your favorite SM artists.

Here's the floor guide in case you want to visit SM Town too (I know you want to!)

Thank you to +Korea Tourism Organization  and  +SMTOWN for giving us the opportunity to have this true Halyu experience. KPOP is a really rich culture and we are glad that we were able to experience it first hand through the hologram concert and the tour around SM Town. 

감사합니다!~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Do you want to experience these yourself? Check out this Girl Story Hologram and SMTown Studio Tour deals on Trazy!


Note: The Moonlight Tour did not push through that day (April 2) due to the heavy rains in Seoul. Too bad. xO

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