Seoul Trip 2015: An Introduction #봄in오빠land

April 08, 2015

Yes, South Korea is now a country I have visited.

Me and my sister just returned home yesterday from our 5-day trip in Seoul and I am still at awe that I was actually able to finally go to the land of my dreams, the land of Halyu and Kdramas! This trip was a year in-the-making and my fingers were forever crossed since then hoping that everything will go smoothly as planned. Good thing (and I am forever thankful to the eternal heavens!) that everything went as planned, even way way better than what I expected things to turn out (and that says something because I already have high expectations for the trip).

I will blog here everything that I can remember from the trip (expect a LOT of photos!).

Before everything else, you first have to prepare several things like booking your flight, getting your Korean Visa, and choosing your hostel accommodation, among other things. I will share our itinerary and how we planned it. I will also jot down the things that we learned that you need to have when you do your trip to Seoul!

We chose to visit Seoul during Spring, thus our official hashtag for this trip, #봄in오빠land. You can search Instagram for our photos during the trip!

at Gyeongbokgung Palace

We chose to do a DIY tour around Seoul, because there are particular places that we wanted to visit (celebrity-owned cafes for example) that are not included in any tour package. Aside from that, tour packages are very expensive, that's why a DIY tour is the best option for us. It also allowed us to experience the place more, and be with the crowd of locals going their way through the city.

I will delve into the details on my next posts, so follow along as I reminisce the perfect vacation that I had in Seoul. :D

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