The Script "No Sound Without Silence Tour" in Manila [★]

April 20, 2015

The Script is actually one of the bands that I would have let their concert pass before, but when it was announced that they were returning to the Philippines for a show, I knew it was time to finally see them live in concert. I knew they were good live, because I had goosebumps when I heard one of their live tracks performing Man Who Can't Be Moved.

Front Act 1: Colton Avery
We went inside the venue with this guy's wonderful voice already being heard throughout the arena. We all wondered who he was, but we all knew he was good.

Colton Avery opening up the show of The Script concert in Manila
With just an a acoustic guitar on hand, he sang with such passion, he captured the heart of the audience. I was not familiar with the other songs that he performed, but he did a cover of Michael Jackson's Human Nature which I really liked.

Front Act 2: Silent Sanctuary
I knew this band will perform in the concert because I reckon I've read it somewhere. Anyway, it was a delight to listen again to their songs which actually remind me of the good 'ol high school and college days (omg I feel old -_-).

I was surprised I knew the lyrics of their songs. Felt nostalgic for a bit there.

After a few songs, they left the stage. Now it's time for the main event!

No one was prepared for the surprises in store in this concert. With the opening song of Paint The Town Green,  Danny made the entrance from the back of the VIP area and walked all the way to the stage with people marching with him carrying large green flags.

Danny hyping up the show! If only the cables on the left isn't also making a scene. :/

I got so thrilled when they reappeared on a small stage nearer to where we are. Danny played on an acoustic piano there. They also played Man Who Can't Be Moved on this stage, one of my old song favorites from the group.

After their number on that second stage, Danny reappeared on the lower box section and from there he walked (or crawled his way out? xD) up until the stage while singing (forgot what song that was) and recording himself on video.

It was only during this concert that I learned that all the members actually can sing. They sounded great live. Danny was so energetic and engaging on stage. He kept on saying that this is one memorable night that he will remember for the rest of his life. Same here Danny, same here.

The Script in Manila setlist
Time flies really when you are having fun, eh?

Like all the bands that I have watched in concert, they promised to be back soon (maybe they really will, who knows xD) and that we were one of the best crowds that they had on their tour. Thanks for flattering us though. :D

It was an awesome night. The only regret that I have for this concert was that I am still not well-connected with most of their songs (except for the old ones of course). Now that the show is over, I realized that Man on Wire is my most favorite, and I want to hear them again perform it live.

Anyway, I enjoyed the concert! Who knows, maybe I'll get to see them again in the future.

Danny, Mark, and Glen, congrats for a successful concert night in Manila! See you again soon! :D

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