First KPOP Concert in the Phil Arena - #BestofBestPH2015! [★]

April 19, 2015

I can still remember the first time I have heard of this big kpop concert happening at the Philippine Arena. I thought maybe they are really bringing here big superstars because it was really ambitious of the organizers to hold the concert in the biggest arena that we have in the country. When they have revealed the teasers, it was easy for the fans to identify who the artists were even if they blurred the photos. In the original teaser video, Got7 was included in the lineup (with this photo) but later on was replaced by BtoB. Now I understood why the organizers targeted the arena because Super Junior and Girls Generation are sure to pull a lot of fans into the show.

So the day of the show came. We chose to avail of the shuttle bus because the venue is a bit far from our place. Good thing the concert organizers provided shuttle buses for the concert-goers with a round-trip ride from different locations: Alabang, Makati and Trinoma. Our bus left Makati at around 4PM. We saw the artists' black vans on the way to the arena too. All of us in the bus waved like crazy from our windows even if we were not sure if they would notice us from their vehicles. Hahaha!

Anyway that encounter made us more hyped for the show. The gates would open at 6PM and we arrived there still a bit early.

We are here!
I was impressed with the structure of the arena. Indeed, this is the biggest one in the country. I was curious what it looked like from the inside.

There were lots of activities outside so we just went around to observe. There were also lots of food establishments. We bought some food and ate before entering the arena because we knew we won't be able to eat when already inside (and we knew the food would be much expensive there).

KPOP booths set up by Globe
My sister and me waiting outside the arena.
We were already tired because of the heat!
The HUGE crowd outside the venue
When we entered the venue, there were not much people yet.

A few minutes before the show began, we noticed some guys going up the ladder to the lights situated above the stage. I thought at first there was something wrong with the lights and they have to fix it, but I saw that they just sat down there. Then it dawned to me, they are there to manually operate the lights for the show! ((((;゜Д゜)))

Can you see them? xD
I must say this arena is really big. From our seats (lower box A), we cannot see the Gen Ad section anymore because they were too elevated from our angle!

After a few minutes, the show finally started!

Red Velvet
SM Entertainment's rookie girl group opened the show with their song Ice Cream Cake!

Red Velvet performing Ice Cream Cake

The girls looked so gorgeous! They are really good in dancing! I'm actually not a fan of the song, but because I got to listen to it a lot of times for the past months, I learned to eventually enjoy listening to it. xD

Sam Oh was the host of the show, and she introduced the next performer to be BtoB!

Gorgeous as always Sam Oh hosting at Best of Best PH

Next group was BtoB! Honestly, I was not really familiar with the group. I just got to listen to some of their songs. I really found their performance intense and full of energy. They are not all cutesy and boyband-ish and their songs are more of hip-hop I think.

That's some real fire there. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ

Girls' Generation
For those into KPOP, who doesn't know this group? Duh! They are the most popular kpop girl group in the scene today! (at least in my opinion).

It was my first time to see them live, and OMG, they really look like dolls in real life!

I'm not really a fan of their songs (they're not my style :p) but I follow their activities because they're all eye candies! I watched Seohyun and Yonghwa (CnBlue) in We Got Married and I liked their interactions there.

Also, I liked Yoona in Love Rain so I'm thrilled to see her in person!

Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun performing during Best of Best PH

Super Junior
Of course! Save the best for last! Since #SS5Manila, I have been looking forward to seeing them again. We were tempted in DKFC3, but since we already saw them during the Tony Moly fanmeet, we decided to not go the show anymore. So when the opportunity came to see them again, I was soooo happy! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 We'd see Leeteuk finally!

Waaaah!! Suju!!! ┏(^0^)┛

I must say, it was worth the wait to see Leeteuk. He was so handsome that night!!!

I remember during DKFC3, we were just listening via audiostreaming (bless that fan who made the link available!). Our hearts fell when Donghae and Eunhyuk performed Oppa Oppa because we like that song. But now, we were able to see them perform it live! What a nice turn of events! :D

D&E performing Oppa Oppa #BestofBestPH2015

Time flew so fast while watching them perform. I'm really happy to see them again. Leeteuk really is the leader of the group. We felt his humility as he bowed down at all sides of the stage. He was the only one left but he still walked on and bowed down for the fans. :)

What a show that was! Though the arena was not fully filled will people (I think the audience only filled half of it), it was a thrill to finally see in person those stars that I have followed for years.


Check out our post-event article for this concert!

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