Highlights of My 2013 [★]

Today's the last day of 2013! Wow, time really flew very fast. Maybe this is because I really had a great time this year. Here's a rundown of all the good things I have experienced this blissful year of 2013 (as documented here in the blog):

(Event) I got to meet the author of the 'Travel to Korea in KPOP/KDRAMA Style' in a book signing at NBS! :D

(Travel) I went to Baguio with my colleagues!

(Concert) I saw the CNBlue boys during the presscon and their concert here in Manila!

(Life) I transferred to a new work, which is a huge jumpstart to my career. :D

(Goal) My piano recordings became better because I discovered new methods in capturing the piano sounds of my keyboard.

(Goal) I enrolled myself in a yoga class, which I thoroughly enjoyed for a week. (Unfortunately, I haven't practiced ever since. ><)

(Concert) I saw Super Junior in the flesh during their Super Show 5 concert here in Manila for FREE!

(Event) I was also able to see Nichkhun in person! (Is this my KPOP year? xD)

(Event/Concert) I also got to see Lunafly perform during the KPOP Convention this year! This is indeed a KPOP year for me!

I am so happy with everything that happened this year. I must say this year has been a turning point for my career and my blogging activities. I am very happy with what opportunities life has given to me.

God answered a lot of my prayers, and I am very thankful.

I'm excited on what 2014 has in store for me. Happy new year guys!~

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